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Taking the Capitalist Road Was the Wrong Choice For Ukraine, Says Ukraine Expert

by Natylie Baldwin, published on CovertAction Magazine, May 5, 2023 Renfrey Clarke is an Australian journalist. Throughout the 1990s he reported from Moscow for Green Left Weekly of Sydney. This past year, he published The Catastrophe of Ukrainian Capitalism: How Privatisation Dispossessed & Impoverished the Ukrainian People with Resistance Books. In April, I had an email exchange with Clarke. Below is[…]

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The Working Class and the Global Capitalist Crisis

by Larry Holmes, published on Workers World, May 23, 2022 The following excerpts are from remarks by Larry Holmes, Workers World Party First Secretary, at a May 19 New York City branch meeting.  Most bourgeois economists are now predicting a recession, which is a sharp downturn in the economy. A recession used to be considered cyclical, but this has changed,[…]

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