Stop the Wars at Home and Abroad!

Illegal Terror Against Im/migrants Continues

By B.L.S. San Antonio, Texas, published on Workers World,  August 11, 2020 “They told me not to tell my family where I was,” a Haitian asylum-seeker recounted. “I heard people being taken away in the hall [of the hotel] screaming, ‘I’m not going! I’m not going!’” In the month of July, Immigration and Customs Enforcement held nearly 200 immigrant children,[…]

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Stop Inhumane Policies Against Migrants!

By The Fourth International Bureau, originally published on Socialist Action, July 28, 2018 Children separated from their families and caged in Trump’s USA, thousands drowning as they cross the Mediterranean, boats transporting migrants refused the right to dock by Salvini’s Italy, Orban’s Hungary declaring that helping refugees is a crime, 370 thousand Rohingya fleeing from to Bangladesh after another military[…]

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