Stop the Wars at Home and Abroad!

Ukraine: Wage a Class War Against Imperialist War

by John Catalinotto, published on Workers World, October 18, 2022 The latest U.S.-NATO-Kiev aggressions in the Ukraine war theater — bombing the bridge to Crimea and the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines — have escalated the fighting, threatening a continental or even a worldwide conflagration. The world’s richest bosses, bankers and billionaires, and their agents in Washington, London, Berlin[…]

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Teachers’ Class Struggle Defiance Inspires Millions

Photo: 75,000 Arizona teachers marched on the capitol in Phoenix on April 26, at the start of their strike. (Ralph Fresco / Getty Images) by Jeff Mackler, originally published on Socialist Action, May 7 It’s been a long while since anyone alive has seen working people successfully fight back against capitalist cruelty with winning class-struggle strategies and tactics. Today, teachers,[…]

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