Stop the Wars at Home and Abroad!

Ramsey Clark, Human Rights Fighter, 1927-2021

by Sara Flounders, published on International Action Center, April 12, 2021 We salute Ramsey Clark, who died April 9, 2021, an outspoken defender of all forms of popular resistance to oppression, a leader always willing to challenge the crimes of U.S. militarism and global arrogance. He remained optimistic that the power of people could determine history. His courageous voice will[…]

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Supreme Court Decision Expands LGBTQ Job Protections To All 50 States

By Ann Montegue, published on Socialist Action, June 24, 2020 On June 15, the U.S. Supreme Court by a wide 6-3 margin immediately expanded job protections to LGBTQ workers in 23 states where none had existed. Over the past decades, some states had included bans on employment discrimination. Many union contracts included protections. But in those 23 states few workers[…]

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Arrest of Marzieh Hashemi Reveals the Nature of Bipartisan Police State

Editor’s note: Marzieh Hashemi has since been released, though this does not excuse the treatment she has been subjected to. by Ajamu Baraka, published on Black Agenda Report, January 23, 2019 The only reason our sister is being held captive is to once again demonstrate how a runaway slave is treated. “Even the Bill of Rights doesn’t provide protections when[…]

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Colombia Fact Sheet

Editor’s Note: If you have been following the MSM on Columbia, you may think the peacemaking initiatives in Columbia are working towards a just future for the Colombian people rather than an extension of the pacification policies of the past.  You need to think again. Alliance for Global Justice Fact Sheet to support the August Days for Peace in Columbia.[…]

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NY Daily News, Ammar Al Baluchi, 9/11 Trial at Guantanamo

The Remarkable Al-Baluchi Conferences

Steve Downs is former Executive Director of  the National Coalition to Protect Civil Freedoms On September 13 and 14, 2017, Kathy Manley and I attended a remarkable conference on Washington organized by the Military Legal Defense team for prisoners at Guantanamo, and various civil rights organizations including our organization National Coalition To Protect Civil Freedoms (NCPCF); George Washington Law School;[…]

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