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No to US Cluster Bombs to Ukraine? US Out Now!

Cluster Bombs and A Brief History of the US-instigated Ukraine War By Jeff Mackler, published on Socialist Action, July 18, 2023 In yet another escalation of the US-instigated Ukraine War, the Biden administration’s decision to send internationally banned cluster bombs to Ukraine reminds us once again that U.S. imperialism accepts zero limits on its heinous and genocidal policies. Ukraine is[…]

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Ukraine as Weapons Testing Site

by Caitlin Johnstone, published on Consortium News, A surprisingly frank article in The New York Times, “Western Allies Look to Ukraine as a Testing Ground for Weapons” describes how the imperial war machine is capitalising on the U.S. proxy war to test its weapons for future use. “Ukraine has become a testing ground for state-of-the-art weapons and information systems, and[…]

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