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Rebuttals to NYTimes and Tom Friedman’s Racism and Ignorance

Rebuttal #1 (Racism): Tweet from Ahmed Eldin, a response to “Understanding the Middle East Through the Animal Kingdom” by Thomas L. Friedman, February 2, 2024, New York Times — AHMED | أحمد (@ASE) February 4, 2024 Rebuttal #2 (Ignorance): by Richard Rubenstein, published on Counterpunch,  February 2, 2024, in Response to “A Titanic Geopolitical Struggle Is Underway” by Thomas[…]

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Murder Is Justice and Danger Is Safety

by David Swanson, published on World Beyond War, January 14, 2024 What are we to say about a U.S. culture in which people can openly admire Germany for backing yet another genocide, and condemn warning of World War III as reckless endangerment? Germany has formally endorsed Israel’s defense of its genocide in Gaza, while Namibia has publicly denounced Germany’s longstanding[…]

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COVID-19: The Zionist Underpinnings of Israel’s Violent Crackdown on Haredi Jews

by Miko Peled, published in Mintpress News, April 9, 2020 In a conversation I had with Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro for an upcoming episode of the Miko Peled Podcast, Rabbi Shapiro referred to Jewish Zionists as “idol worshipers.” “They did not get these values, of loving their guns and stealing Palestinian land, from Judaism,” he said. He explained that Jewish people[…]

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