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Indigenous People’s Day Reminds Us To Acknowledge And Support Indigenous Struggles

by Margaret Flowers, published on Popular Resistance, October 21, 2021 Today is Indigenous Peoples Day. Across the country, a growing number of cities and states are recognizing this day in place of the traditional Columbus Day. This change reflects the growing awareness that holidays like Columbus Day are used to rewrite the past and uphold institutions of white supremacy, racism[…]

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Biden’s $Trillion Taxing the Rich Social Infrastructure Charade Crumbles

by Jeff Mackler, published on Socialist Action, July 18, 2021 Today the New York Times announced that the modified (gutted) bill had passed the Senate.   The Biden administration is claiming success in bipartisan collaboration. [jb] If we are to believe the almost daily front-page major media headlines, President Joseph Biden has embarked on an historic congressional battle to massively fund[…]

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