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Venezuela Reveals America’s Sickness

by Margaret Kimberley, Published on Black Agenda Report, Freedom Rider, February 27, 2019 The Democrats agree with Trump that Venezuelans have no rights that need be respected by the United States. “Like a pack of predators they have lined up to assist in the kill.” Does the United States have the right to decide who governs Venezuela? The answer is[…]

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Trump Protects Al Qaeda, “The Resistance” Applauds, Cursing “Russians”

The “Russians” had to be reinstalled as the “enemy” after Obama made his alliance with Islamist jihad. Trump has now signed on as Protector of the Idlib Caliphate. by Glen Ford, originally published on Black Agenda Report, September 6, 2018 “The so-called ‘resistance is the world’s phoniest ‘left.’” The Trump administration, just like the Obama regime, is willing to start[…]

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