Stop the Wars at Home and Abroad!

When Che Guevara Came to Gaza

by Yousef al-Helou, published on Resumen English, April 23, 2024 Since the explicit Israeli colonisation of historic Palestine in 1948 supported by colonialist and imperialist powers, namely Britain and the US, the Palestinian struggle has become a global cause. Resistance was a natural response to the invasions and incursions better known as “the ethnic cleansing of Palestine”. Even before then,[…]

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#Nakba74 Day of Palestinian Struggle: Palestine Resists for Victory, Liberation and Return!

From Samidoun, May 14, 2022 As we commemorate 74 years of ongoing Nakba targeting the Palestinian people, inside all of occupied Palestine and everywhere in exile and diaspora, we also recall and celebrate 74 years of ongoing Palestinian resistance, revolution and struggle to liberate Palestine and confront imperialism, Zionism and reaction. In homes, community centers and the streets of cities,[…]

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