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Syria Suffered An Earthquake But Israel Is Still Bombing

by People’s Dispatch, published on Popular Resistance, February 20, 2023 Israeli attacks on Syria continue even as Syria struggles with the aftermath of the February 6 earthquake, in which over 5,800 were killed. Thousands of Syrians took to the streets on Monday, February 20, to protest against repeated Israeli aggression directed at the country. Protesters also chanted slogans against the[…]

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How U.S. Sanctions Block Aid to Earthquake Victims in Syria

by Ted Kelly, published on Workers World, February 15, 2023 The terrible earthquake that hit a wide area of southeastern Türkiye and neighboring Syria has reportedly killed at least 36,000 people as of Feb. 13, with estimates that this total will reach 50,000. This winter the survivors who lost their housing face freezing and wet conditions, without any alternative shelter,[…]

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