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D-Day 2024 and the Unspoken Truth About the Second World War

by Diana Johnstone, published on Consortium News, June 14, 2024 In retrospect, it becomes clear that the Cold War “communist threat” was only a pretext for great powers seeking more power. Ceremonies were held last week commemorating the 80th anniversary of Operation Overlord, the Anglo-American landing on the beaches of Normandy that took place on June 6, 1944, known as[…]

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Empire and the Palestine Carnage: Immediate Actions

by Dan Freeman-Maloy, published on Mondoweiss, May 23, 2021 The racial-justice pretenses of empire have been burned alongside bodies in Gaza. These are days of horror and grief – but also, and necessarily, of anti-racist rage. Anti-fascists and anti-racists have thus far been unable to block the murderers from killing and bring them to justice. This is a wrenching fact,[…]

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The Fake News Nazi – Corbyn, Williamson And The Anti-Semitism Scandal

By Editor, Published on Media Lens, March 6, 2019 One of us had a discussion with an elderly relative: ‘He can’t be allowed to become Prime Minister.’ ‘Why not?’ ‘It’s so awful…’ ‘What is?’ ‘The way he hates the Jews.’ The last comment was spoken with real anguish, the result of continuous exposure to just two main news sources: the[…]

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