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Pandora’s Box: US Military Led Insect Project Risks Global Food Security

by Shan Jie and Fan Wei, published in Global Times, May 24, 2022 The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has led to a global food crisis, at a time of climate change, pollution, and other threats to the food supply. In the predictable future, food problems will be a permanent fixture in the world, while conflicts arising from “wars on[…]

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The Insecurity Industry

by Edward Snowden, published on Continuing Ed, July 26, 2021 I found this little article by Snowden rather entertaining.   Of course I used to be a computer programmer so this isn’t news to me.   What Ed neglects to mention here is that many of the same insecurities exist in the modem your internet provide gives you, your router and Alexis[…]

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Off the Rails: How Profit-Driven Motives Drive New Cold War against China

Document by Corporate-Funded Think-Tank Reveals How Profit-Driven Motives Drive New Cold War against China by Danny Haiphong, published on Covert Action, June 5, 2021 The same report paradoxically acknowledges the failure of the economic model the U.S. has tried to impose on the rest of the world A new report published in Railway Age magazine and written by the Information[…]

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