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How the War Machine ‘Recruits’ Poor, Oppressed Youth

by Richie Merino, published on International Action Center, December 20, 2022 A Dec. 11 New York Times report highlighted how thousands of public high school students in majority poor, Black and Brown districts are funneled into the U.S. military’s Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps program. Students are automatically enrolled and forced to participate as an explicit requirement without parental consent.[…]

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Marginalized Students Pay the Price of Military Recruitment Efforts

by Roberto Camacho, published on  Prism, April 18, 2022 With pandemic restrictions easing, military recruiters are returning to high school campuses while anti-recruitment efforts struggle This is a good reminder that recruitment among young people is becoming increasingly aggressive.  counter-recruitment is not only increasingly necessary but increasingly challenging.   Here in upstate NY we used to be able to get into[…]

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