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Afghanistan News Update

Black Alliance for Peace, Published on Black Agenda Report,  February 1, 2023 Propaganda continues to justify the U.S./EU-backed economic war on Afghanistan, which the Black Alliance for Peace (BAP) has argued constitutes a crime against humanity . That is why the BAP Solidarity Network’s Afghanistan Committee has steadfastly shone a light on the invasion and 20-year war, its devastating consequences,[…]

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Western Powers Strangle Ordinary Afghans with Economic Blockade

by Yanis Iqbal, published on Toward Freedom, September 29, 2021 This article is from a month ago, but the basic circumstances remain the same.  The primary change is that the SCO, which includes Afghanistan’s Central Asian neighbors along with Russia and China, has offered support to the Taliban with limited demands, those mentioned below.  The Central Asian countries have firmly[…]

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