No to Plunging the Peoples of Europe into a U.S./NATO-Provoked War!

Crisis in Ukraine
No to Plunging the Peoples of Europe into a U.S./NATO-Provoked War!
All Out to Rally Canadians Against Warmongering, Lies and Disinformation

-Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) –

Amidst all the warmongering, lies and disinformation over what Russia is or is not doing in Ukraine to defend its strategic interests, the obvious question arises as to who is threatening the peace in Europe? Is it Russia because it has taken pre-emptive action to defend its interests against the continuous escalation of the expansion of U.S. troops and bases and of U.S.-led NATO forces on Russia’s borders? Or is it the United States and its aggressive military alliance NATO, which includes Canada, which have expanded their field of operation into eastern Europe threatening the very borders of Russia?

Russian President Putin said, “We’ve seen five waves of NATO expansion — its military infrastructure has reached Russia’s borders.” This fact and its consequences is what the warmongering, lies and disinformation about what is going on with Ukraine deliberately fail to discuss.

In Canada a taboo is imposed on discussing NATO and Canada’s membership in NATO. Any suggestion that it is not a force for peace is treated as extremist. Given the danger of all-out European war, it is urgent Canadians do not accept any limitations on their freedom of speech which they require to argue out what’s what and what stand favours their interests and the interests of the peoples of the world.

In a statement issued on February 23, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Russia’s actions are “unprovoked” and “a clear further violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. They are also in violation of Russia’s obligations under international law and the Charter of the United Nations.

He said

“Canada calls on Russia to immediately cease all hostile and provocative actions against Ukraine and withdraw all military and proxy forces from the country. Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity must be respected and the Ukrainian people must be free to determine their own future.”

Presenting the actions of the U.S., Canada and others as peaceful, unprovocative and supportive of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity is a commission of historical fraud. The so-called orange revolution instigated by the U.S., Canada and other collaborators in Ukraine to effect regime change, the arming and training of Ukrainian special forces, many of them from neo-Nazi militias and called “freedom fighters,” overseeing their integration into the regular armed forces of Ukraine and inciting terrorist actions and insurrections in eastern Ukraine’s Donbass region are not the actions of forces whose motivation is the well-being of the peoples of Ukraine and Europe.

The greatest historical fraud and disinformation, however, is to leave the peoples of Ukraine and Europe out of the equation when speaking of war. Does the Prime Minister suppose that the European peoples who suffered terribly from Nazi-fascist occupation and crimes during World War Two are going to sit idly by as the jackboots of U.S., Canadian, German and other troops aligned with local neo-Nazi forces operate on their lands claiming high ideals?

The U.S. President Joe Biden, fresh from abandoning his NATO allies in Afghanistan and continuing to impose crippling sanctions on that country which, reports indicate, are causing mass hunger, disease and deprivation to the Afghan people, continues to shed tears over “blood-thirsty Russian acts.” He clearly thinks he can get away with filling Ukraine and European countries with lethal weapons and special forces but remain unscathed. On the evening of February 23 he said: “

The prayers of the entire world are with the people of Ukraine tonight as they suffer an unprovoked and unjustified attack by Russian military forces. President Putin has chosen a premeditated war that will bring a catastrophic loss of life and human suffering. Russia alone is responsible for the death and destruction this attack will bring, and the United States and its Allies and partners will respond in a united and decisive way. The world will hold Russia accountable.”

Biden’s impotence in the face of Russia’s precision strikes which target only military infrastructure, air defence facilities, military aerodromes and aviation of the Ukrainian armed forces can be measured against the number of times he repeats the words blood and bloody when decrying Russia’s response to ongoing U.S. brinkmanship.

The position of the U.S. is beyond farcical. In December, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, referring to Russia’s concerns over its security and demands that Ukraine not join NATO and remain neutral, said:

“One country does not have the right to dictate the policies of another or to tell that country with whom it may associate; one country does not have the right to exert a sphere of influence. That notion should be relegated to the dustbin of history.”

This kind of statement which blatantly denies that it is the U.S. which dictates the policies all others should follow, is beyond even the lies about weapons of mass destruction it gave to justify its invasion of Iraq. It shows they think they can say whatever they like and there is nobody to hold them to account.

But history does not abide by such arrogant wishes and calculations. It has its own cunning and it is the peoples who make history when they intervene in a manner which defends their own interests within a situation. The demand to dismantle NATO and for all U.S. troops and bases and NATO special forces, trainers, advisors and troops to go home responds to historical necessity. The peoples have an interest to take stands which favour the resolution of conflicts on a peaceful basis and this requires demanding that NATO stop expanding and threatening Russia’s borders. For the U.S. and NATO to say they favour diplomatic solutions and peace, when they put a gun to the head of entire countries, threaten their security and engage in terrorist actions, war and aggression to achieve regime change will not convince anyone that they are a force for peace.

The aim of the government of Canada, the U.S., NATO and their media is to isolate Russia. It is not to seek truth from facts and let people draw their own warranted conclusions.

In this vein, the CBC “reported:”

“Russia launched a wide-ranging attack on Ukraine on Thursday, hitting cities and bases with airstrikes or shelling. Ukraine’s government said Russian tanks and troops rolled across the border and accused Moscow of unleashing a ‘full-scale war.’”

It illustrates how inflammatory rhetoric is called “news.” A main feature is to make no attempt to report facts, but to selectively gloss over them so as to paint the picture their masters want painted. The mission of democratic media to report facts with the aim of getting to the heart of the matter and permitting readers to draw warranted conclusions has long since been trampled in the mud.

What Russia is doing Russia plainly states. Reports on the ground corroborate it. Russia said its military action is to demilitarize and de-nazify Ukraine. In a television address to the nation on February 24, Russian President Putin said:

“The people’s republics of Donbass approached Russia with a request for help. In connection therewith, I made the decision to hold a special military operation. Its goal is to protect the people that are subjected to abuse, genocide from the Kiev regime for eight years, and to this end we will seek to demilitarize and de-nazify Ukraine and put to justice those that committed numerous bloody crimes against peaceful people, including Russian nationals.”

The Russian Defence Ministry stated:

“The Russian Armed Forces are not delivering artillery or air strikes against Ukrainian cities and are striking military infrastructure with precision weapons.”

The Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) calls on Canadians to oppose warmongering, lies and disinformation and reach warranted conclusions. No to plunging the peoples of Europe and Eurasia into a U.S./NATO-provoked war! Call for NATO to withdraw from Eastern Europe and for it to be dismantled! Oppose the warmongering of Canada’s government and cartel parties in the Parliament!

All Out to Make Canada a Zone for Peace!

(TML Daily, posted February 24, 2022)

*Featured Image: A demonstration in Munich: the signs say: “Anti Siko Demo”, “Feedom instead of Rearmament”, “No to War”, “No Peace with NATO”

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