The Manufactured Crisis in Ukraine Confirms Why NATO Must be Dismantled

Statement by Black Alliance for Peace, January 12, 2022

The Black Alliance for Peace (BAP) concludes that the full responsibility for the dangerous crisis unfolding in Ukraine has its genesis in the illegal policies of the U.S./EU/NATO “Axis of Domination” beginning in 2014. As the corporate press presents a one-sided presentation of event in Ukraine as part of a massive propaganda effort to mobilize public opinion to support the reckless positions of the Biden administration, BAP believes that the public must be presented with a counternarrative of the chronology of events in Ukraine. BAP National Organizer; Ajamu Baraka summarizes some of those events:

“During the latter part of 2013 until February 2014, the Obama/Biden administration gave material support and encouragement to anti-democratic right-wing elements in Ukraine to execute “regime change” against the democratically elected government of Victor Yanukovych. This plunged Ukraine into crisis because substantial sectors of Ukrainian society did not support the coup, especially sections of predominantly Russian speaking Ukrainian citizens in the Eastern portions of the nation. Those Ukrainian citizens rejected the legitimacy of the coup government and began to voice support for independence from the neo-Nazi government that took power. And what was the response from the illegal coup regime? It attacked their citizens in the East. In other words, they attacked their own citizens – a crime that the Obama administration pretended was the excuse for U.S. subversion in Syria. “

The conflict that ensued as a result of the invasion of Eastern Ukraine by the Ukrainian government with the full support of right-wing paramilitary forces like the neo-Nazi Azon battalions, did not succeed in forcing the republics that subsequently referred to themselves as the Donbas Peoples’ Republic to submit to the coup government.  An agreement between Donbas and the coup government was arrived at that became known as the Minsk II agreement. Terms of the agreement included a commitment to a ceasefire along with relative autonomy for Donbas. The agreement avoided all-out war and provided some degree of “stability” until the Biden administration came back to power.

Back in power, Biden and the democrats who have now become the party of war, begin to encourage Ukraine authorities to ignore Minsk and to forcefully take back control of Donbas. Even more dangerously, the U.S. and some European powers began to indicate that Ukraine might be invited to become a member of NATO. That could allow NATO with its nuclear weapons to be positioned right on the borders of Russia and with its nuclear arsenal.

BAP regards NATO as an illegitimate offensive force in the service of Western imperialism. Therefore, we call on all social forces committed to peace to join us in demanding that NATO be dismantled. In the meantime, and specifically on Ukraine, BAP is calling on the international Anti-war movement to demand that the U.S. and NATO deescalate the situation. Concretely this means demanding that:

  1. All parties to the conflict adhere to the provisions reflected in the Minsk II agreement
  2. And that the Ukrainian situation is taken up by the United Nations Security Council, the only body by international law tasked with the responsibility to address international threats to peace – not the arbitrary and illegal activities of the United States and its allies.

The undermining of international law by the U.S./EU/NATO Axis of Domination committed to maintaining Western imperialist hegemony by operating outside the framework of international law, is now seen by much of the non-European world as the primary threat to international peace, security, and human rights.

BAP shares that assessment and pledges to continue to oppose U.S. policies, understanding that today as it was more than fifty years ago when Dr. King first uttered these words – “the U.S. is the greatest purveyor of violence in the world.”

No Compromise, No Retreat!

*Featured Image: Donbas fighters at Saur-Mohyla in August 2014 (Reuters)

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  1. The USA is the cause of all the insecurities in the world and the UN should be the guide for all world affairs as well as a money management system and banking which is a simple matter now. The way that NATO operates is a joke the votes always goes with USA because l country l vote and USA controls all the banana republics as they called them and most of South America and had their way with their foreign policy which is solely aimed towards world domination and not peace. Europe backs them because they all get a piece of the action in the way they split Africa Asia and the Middle East and even China amongst themselves. This led to Vietnam because the French were being removed. All the wars are caused by American foreign policy with the backing of Europe. Now Germany and other countries are getting worried about Africa and China so they are starting to make some amends now but it is too late and their prices are through the roof so they will never compete with China or Asia. Now USA is all worried about Asia uniting and are trying to destabilize the whole continent. The world needs to get Americans out of their pants along with their banks and military.

    1. Money is evil. Money says love me. Faithless devils want the world to use money. God needs to control us from in inside out. Money controls us from the outside in. Man’s laws that are godless are doing that. People kill life unable to do what Jesus talked about. Money will not solve the problem of poor people. Money causes poor people. The pursuit of money is causing our resources to run out.

  2. We need God’s reasonable Spirit in us now in order to be in his visual kingdom then. That Spirit is not offended by what the church taught people to be offend by. People who are not offended will keep God’s laws having great peace in them. People will be peacful with people. They will be reasonable when they ask for whatever that is in a man-made tree, which is a building. God made living trees. We are God’s children trying to emulate our Father. God said of every tree we may freely eat. We make many things that cannot be eaten. They that try to gain the whole world, will perish body and soul with the world as it is.

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