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The Forever Prisoner”: Alex Gibney’s New Documentary About CIA Torture Victim Abu Zubaydah

by Andy Worthington, published on Close Guantanamo, December 22, 2021 Yes, Guantanamo is still open with a number of prisoners never accused of a crime. In the long litany of torture and abuse inflicted by the U.S. government on prisoners in the brutal “war on terror” that the Bush administration declared after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, few[…]

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The Roots of Trump’s Immigration Policy

by Barry Shephard, published on Socialist Action, August 15, 2020 Sand and Blood: America’s Stealth War on the Mexico Border By John Carlos Frey Bold Type Books, 2019 This book presents a harrowing well-researched description of Washington’s war against immigrants on the Mexican border. The author is an investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker. Frey was born in Tijuana, Mexico. His[…]

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Washington and Riyadh’s Terror Enterprise

by Tony Cartalucci, previously published on New Eastern Outlook and Global Research For decades the United States and its NATO allies have helped Saudi Arabia export methods of political indoctrination known as Wahhabism to radicalize individuals and swell the ranks of mercenary forces used to wage proxy wars abroad and manipulate Western populations at home. What began as a means[…]

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