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US Media Can’t Think How to Fight Fires Without $1-an-Hour Prison Labor

by Neil DeMause, published on FAIR, August 25, 2020 As a historic set of wildfires sweeps across California, sparked by lightning and stoked by record heat and drought resulting from climate change (Mercury News, 8/19/20; Scientific American, 4/3/20), many news outlets have drawn readers’ attention to an additional problem the state faces in fighting the fires: shortages of the prison[…]

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Prison Strike 2018

by Margaret Kimberley, originally posted on Black Agenda Report, August 29, 2018 Inmates in states across the nation are on strike against the world’s largest and most racist prison system. Hopefully, they won’[t be betrayed by quisling civil rights misleaders, as in 2010. “The prison strike is a means of bringing attention to a system that is rotten and must[…]

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