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Eritrea, a Bright Spot on a Planet Near the Edge of Armageddon

by Ann Garrison, published on Black Agenda Report, August 9, 2023 Last week I attended the Eritrean American Festival in the Seattle/Tacoma area, at the Tacoma Convention Center, as did Black Agenda Report Executive Editor Margaret Kimberley and Breakthrough News Host and Producer Eugene Puryear. I arrived after they had spoken, on the day I was scheduled to speak at[…]

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Joe Biden’s US Foreign Policy: Return to the Old Normal?

by Roger Harris, published on Counterpunch, February 26, 2021 US President Biden bellicosely proclaimed, “American is back,” in his major foreign policy priorities speech at the Munich Security Conference on February 19. Repeated twice for effect, Biden signaled the end of the Trump interregnum. No more assuring words could have been uttered for George W. Bush’s former Defense Secretary Colin[…]

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On July Fourth, American Exceptionalism and Ruling Class Fear of Trump

“With each passing day under Trump, the mythology of US exceptionalism becomes more fragile.” By Danny Haiphong, originally published on Black Agenda Report, July 11, 2018 The ascendency of Donald Trump to the commanding heights of US imperialism has been a chaotic experience for the ruling class. Trump’s lives in the trash-heap of the ruling class and has been deemed[…]

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