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Sanctions, a Sanctimonious Word For Economic Warfare and Outright Theft

by Ann Garrison, published on Black Agenda Report, March 9, 2022 The U.S. claims the right to sanction, to steal from other nations, with one-third of humanity suffering from these crimes. Sanctions are war by other means and cause great suffering around the world. The word “sanctions” emerged in the Middle Ages, meaning ecclesiastical decrees. Today it’s a sanctimonious word for economic warfare,[…]

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U.S. Plans – Sanctions and Famine for Afghanistan

by Sara Flounders, published on Workers World, August 24, 2021 Aug. 23 — U.S. politicians and journalists are all feigning deep concern about leaving behind tens of thousands of Afghans who worked for them. Meanwhile, U.S. financial institutions are busy planning a horrendous crisis for all Afghans, including their loyal collaborators. The cynical decision to seize all of Afghanistan’s assets[…]

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