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Workers Rise Up in Strike Wave

by Malik Miah, published on Socialist Action, November 3, 2021 Thousands of workers are on strike right now in the United States, in what is being dubbed “Striketober”. In some cases, bosses are using “replacements” (scabs) to cross picket lines and keep the profits flowing. Strikers are fed up with poor working conditions, forced overtime, 16-hour shifts, low wages, and[…]

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Over 800 U.S. protests say ‘Defend the Postal Service!’

by Joe Piette, published on Workers World, August 25, 2020 Richard Wright was a postal worker in the early 1930s, before he joined the Federal Writers Project and became a renowned novelist. Two of his novels feature Black postal workers as the main characters, with perceptive descriptions of the special oppression of Black workers as they performed the repetitive tasks[…]

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