Stop the Wars at Home and Abroad!

In Defence of Mother Earth System Change, Not Climate Change! We Have a Right to Life!

By Alison Bodine, published in Fire This Time, November, 2019 Issue “We made a decision to move forward on the pipeline because it was in the interest of Canada to do so because the environment and the economy need to go together. We will be continuing with the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.” – Prime Minister elect Justin Trudeau, during his[…]

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7 Important Facts About the Trudeau Pipeline Bailout

By Thomas Davies , originally published on Fire This Time, August, 2019 If you’re wondering how surreal environmental politics have been in Canada over the past year, here’s “Exhibit A”: this Halloween, Environment Minister Catherine Mckenna came to Parliament Hill dressed up as a “Climate Crusader” – while at the same time overseeing a Ministry which, according to its audits,[…]

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