Stop the Wars at Home and Abroad!

Canadian Labour Activists Oppose AUKUS, a New NATO in the Pacific

by Ken Stone, published on The Canada Files, May 20, 2022 This is an excellent overview of AUKUS and the regional responses to it.   Most of our readers are in the U.S. so unfortunately our government is responsible for this aggression against China, but it is interesting to see the numerous forces within Canadian society who object to efforts[…]

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The US Military is Hell-Bent on Trying to Overpower China

by Vijay Prashad, published on People’s Dispatch, May 12, 2020 On April 1, Admiral Philip Davidson—the head of the US Indo-Pacific Command—told the US Congress that he would like $20 billion to create a robust military cordon that runs from California to Japan and down the Pacific Rim of Asia. His proposal—titled “Regain the Advantage”—pointed to the “renewed threat we[…]

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