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Israel’s Annexation Plans Explained in Nine Questions

by Daniel Hilton, published on Global Research, July 03, 2020 Previously published on Middle East Eye 30 June 2020 When could annexation happen? According to the coalition agreement signed by Netanyahu and his rival-turned-defence minister, Benny Gantz, annexation legislation could be proposed as early as Wednesday. That would just be the beginning of a legislative process, however, with the draft[…]

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Palestinians Reject Land Theft

By Monica Moorehead posted on Workers World, February 3, 2020 Palestinian organizations have issued a strong joint condemnation of the so-called peace plan, aka colonial “deal of the century,” from the Trump administration.  It is supported by the racist, Zionist Israeli regime led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. This misnamed “Vision of Peace” announced by Trump Jan. 28 calls for[…]

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