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Teacher Strikes: New Beginning for Labor?

By Jeff Mackler, originally posted on Socialist Action North Carolina teachers capped off two months of unprecedented national teacher militancy as they rallied 20,000 strong at the state capitol on May 16. During their one-day “sick leave” strike, the teachers closed down 40 local school districts with one million students. As with the previous five statewide teacher strikes in 2018,[…]

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May Day in Puerto Rico: Mass marches combat austerity & privatization

Photo: The Teachers’ Federation of Puerto Rico (FMPR) continued its militant opposition to the government closing of public schools (left) during May Day in San Juan. Contingents from all regions and sectors of the people united against the assaults of U.S.-imposed austerity. By Berta Joubert-Ceci, originally posted on Workers World, May 8 On May Day, the extreme political devastation in[…]

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