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Capitalist Media, Biden’s Climate Deceptions; The Race to Save Earth

by James Fortin, published on Socialist Action, June 15, 2021 It just keeps getting worse. Never in the memory of any living person on Earth, has it been this bad. Climate change is occurring; it is getting worse, and time is running out to save the planet from catastrophe. Scientists urgently note the globe is rapidly approaching the catastrophic threshold[…]

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The Capitalist System is as Unprepared for Climate Change as it is for Covid-19

by Alison Bodine, published in Fire This Time Newsletter, July/August, 2020 On June 5, 2020, Alison Bodine spoke on behalf of the Fire This Time Movement for Social Justice at an international climate justice Webinar hosted by the Venezuela Ecology Movement (MEVEN) and Misión Nevado, a Social Mission in Venezuela dedicated to the protection of animals. The Webinar was entitled,[…]

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