Stop the Wars at Home and Abroad!

US War Planners Court China’s Neighbors. What Would Buddha Say?

by Wei Yu and Marcy Winograd, April 4, 2023 The US continues to seek new asing agreements with small countries in the Far East, to pursue their reckless illegal attempts to “contain” China.  [jb] As the Pentagon steps up its war games in the Asia Pacific, Defense News reports the US Army has a logistical problem with waging a future[…]

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U.S. Undermines Sri Lankan Sovereignty to Usurp Chinese BRI Investment

by Kiji Noh, published on Organizing Notes, July 28, 2022 Good big picture analysis by Andy Boreham [in the video above]. But the “debt trap diplomacy” trope here is not just information warfare to attack and delegitimate China. It is to ensure that any subsequent government Sri Lanka (SL) breaks or reduces ties with China. SL is very likely a[…]

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