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Strong Message on Ukraine From a Blog Reader

by David O., published on Bruce Gagnon’s Organizing Notes, October 30, 2022 Just want to relay how much I appreciate and rely on reading “Organizing Notes.” Especially enjoyed your thoughts in the post, October 16, 2022, entitled: Seasons Change and So Did I. Your call for clear-headed analysis and incisive expression in this crucial moment we find ourselves in —[…]

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Google Steps Up for Hong Kong Protesters

by Sara Flounders, published on Workers World, September 4, 2019 Google stripped away the illusion that the continuing protests in Hong Kong are about democracy when on Aug. 20 the internet monopoly suspended 936 Twitter accounts and disabled 210 YouTube channels, charging them with seeking to “discredit Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement and sow political discord in the city.” (, Aug. 23) Twitter[…]

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The Silence as Manipulation

by Rosa Miriam Elizalde, from Resumen Latinoamericano,  October 2, 2018 Readers and spectators, political parties, movements of various kinds, secret services, hackers, journalists and central animators of the Internet (Twitter, Facebook, youtube, Google, Instagram, etc.) make up a vast market of manipulation. This is not coming from “communist propaganda”, but scientists from prestigious universities and independent centers in Europe and the[…]

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