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Four Members of a Muslim Family Killed in London, Ontario Terrorist Atrocity

by Roger Jordan, published on WSWS, June 8, 2021 The mainstream media has not covered this horrific hate crime for the most part.    The government response is hypocrisy.  Another tragic outgrowth of western foreign policy. [jb] Four members of a Muslim family in London, Ontario were brutally slain Sunday night in a hit-and-run attack that police have described as “premeditated”[…]

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Fourteen Martyrs in the Fight Against Racist Terror and Trumpism Facsism

by Paul Street, published on Black Agenda Report, September 16, 2020 Their names are not as familiar as George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, but these victims have paid the ultimate price, dying in the line of anti-racist and anti-fascist citizenship duty. “Trump ordered the Department of Homeland Security to suppress reports of right-wing terrorism and play up supposed case cases[…]

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