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US Provocations Over Taiwan and Beijing’s Steady Remedy

by Brian Berletic, published on New Eastern Outlook, September 2, 2022 The early August visit by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took place amid heavy protests from Beijing. The visit was a blatant violation of Washington’s bilateral agreement with Beijing regarding the “One China” policy as well as a violation of international law regarding political independence and territorial integrity. As[…]

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Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Signifies the End of an Era of Unipolar American Power

by Daniel Kovalik, published on Covert Action Magazine, March 24, 2022 Russia had drawn a line in the sand and, once violated, defied Washington by acting to defend its interests. A lot of countries support Russia, and Washington is powerless to stop it. If you are like me, you have been glued to the news about the Russian military operation[…]

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China Gives Oomph to Russia’s ‘Nyet’ on NATO

by Ray McGovern, published on,  February 1, 2022 Fourteen years ago today, when then-ambassador to Russia William Burns, in an IMMEDIATE cable titled “Nyet Means Nyet: Russia’s NATO Enlargement Redlines,” reported Moscow’s warning that NATO membership for Ukraine would cross a red line, the Russians could do little more than grouse. Enter from left stage Chinese President Xi Jinping[…]

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