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Sandinistas Win By a Landslide! U.S. Dirty Tricks Fail in Derailing Nicaraguan Democracy

by Nan McCurdy, published on Covert Action Magazine, November 9, 2021 In the lead up to the February 25, 1990 elections, President George H.W. Bush told the Nicaraguan people that the U.S. would keep funding the Contras (counter-revolutionaries recruited, funded and directed by President Reagan, the State Department and the CIA in 1980s illegal war), block loans and maintain the[…]

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Changes in Cuba

by Rosa Miriam Elizalde, published on Resumen English,  April 29, 2021 I remember the epitaphs written in advance 30 years ago. As the USSR crumbled, the wise men of the tribe predicted that Cuba would not resist without Moscow’s gold nor would it be able to withstand the entropy of “real socialism” with the addition of U.S. pressures. “With the[…]

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