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Alice Walker and the Price of Conscience

by Chris Hedges, published on The Chris Hedges Report, April 26, 2022 Alice Walker was disinvited to the Bay Area Book Festival after Zionist groups threatened to carry out protests. The public and presenters are complicit in her blacklisting if they attend. Please sign the petition to Stand With Alice Walker There is a steep price to pay for having[…]

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A New Years Tribute to Afghanistan

Mahmood Karimi Hakak, sent this Afghan song to his list this new year.  It is too beautiful to hoard, so I’m posting here as a  New Years greeting and a reminder of the indomitable spirit of the Afghan people.  Many thanks to Mahmood for sending along this beautiful bit of Afghan folklore.  [jb] Listen to the song: Translation: “I am[…]

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Puerto Rico Shock and Awe Exposing Capitalism’s Criminality

by Raymond Nat Turner, Poet in Residence at Black Agenda Report           Water is life…and Saliva’s even in short supply… for drum-tight mouths, sandpaper throats. Yodeling bellies cave in on spines, as evil scents of sewage and death float in, Remaking an island into a spreadsheet. Cell towers, power lines tumbled like legos—electricity’s a distant memory—[…]

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