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From Reproductive Rights to the Hijab, Our Bodies, Our Choice

by Alison Bodine and Janine Solanki, published in Fire This Time, Vol 16, Issue 10-11, November 2022 The Rise and Fall of Roe v. Wade On January 22, 1973, in the midst of the women’s liberation movement, the U.S. Supreme Court made the historic ruling in the case of Roe v. Wade to grant women the constitutional right to have[…]

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The Anti-Racist Manifesto of Colectiva Feminista En Construcción, 2020

by Editors, The Black Agenda Review, September 21, 2022 The Anti-Racist Manifesto of Puerto Rico’s Colectiva Feminista en Construcción (La Cole) outlines a radical solution to capitalism, colonialism, and climate change. Natural disasters are also catastrophes of colonialism and neoliberalism. Take, for instance, Hurricane Fiona. A category 1 hurricane that made landfall on Puerto Rico on September 18th, Fiona knocked[…]

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The Long Hand of Slave Breeding, Redux

by JoAnn Wypijewski, published on Counterpunch, June 6, 2022 A stunning discussion of women’s rights and the freeing of slaves as these topics relate to today’s anti-abortion campaign.   #MeToo is a disturbing phenomenon which at times frees women to speak the unspeakable openly, but leaves the power of whose voice is heard and what will be done about it, who[…]

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