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Nicaragua at a Revolutionary Crossroads and in Imperialist Crosshairs

by Netfa Freeman, published on Hood Communist, September 2, 2021 U.S. attack on Nicaragua targets its Black community. There is a page in the playbook for U.S. imperialist regime change in Latin America that includes exploiting the identity politics of Blackness. A recent example was the unrest in Cuba a month ago that included a sophisticated attempt to paint the[…]

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Why Shady Billionaire-Funded NGOs Pushed a PBS Report on Nicaraguan “Conflict Beef”

by Rick Sterling, published on MintPress News, May 24, 2021 “He who pays the piper, calls the tune,” and the neoliberal era has spawned individuals with incredible wealth who, through “philanthropy,” can feel good and flex their influence at the same time. While these philanthropists can be liberal on some issues, they almost universally support U.S. foreign policy and the[…]

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