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Secrecy, Science, and the National Security State

by Cliff Connor, published on Socialist Action, April 8, 2023 Secrecy, Science, and the National Security State Book Review of Alex Wellerstein, Restricted Data: The History of Nuclear Secrecy in the United States. By Cliff Conner The phrase “national security state” has become increasingly familiar as a way to characterize the political reality of the United States today. It implies[…]

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An “Inconvenient Truth” that Al Gore Missed

By Michael Eisenscher In a recent interview with The Real News , actor and activist John Cusack made a simple but profoundly important point: “[Y]ou can’t separate climate justice and militarism’, he said, ”… because the drones are going to follow the fresh water, and the soldiers are going to protect the oil, and then if things go on as[…]

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