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Western NGOs Squander Aid for Yemen Leaving Millions in Misery: Report

from the News Desk at The Cradle, published on December 13, 2022 As the Saudi-instigated war in Yemen inches towards its eight year, investigative reports have come to show that billions of dollars in humanitarian aid managed by international organizations have done very little to alleviate the suffering of millions of Yemenis, who often receive as little as 20 percent[…]

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Yemen’s Never Ending War

Western Hegemony, Gulf State Despots and Modern-Day Genocide of the Yemeni People by Timothy Alexander Guzman, published on Global Research, October 21, 2020 Recently, US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden released a statement on his promise to end his country’s support for Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen saying that “under Biden-Harris Administration, we will reassess our relationship with the [Saudi[…]

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