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Indirect Colonialism: US Role in Pakistan’s Political Crisis

by Abdul Jabbar, published on Multipolarista, April 25, 2022 In 2012 I joined a peace delegation to Pakistan to meet with Drone victims.  The delegation was sponsored by Imran Khan and his PTI party.  We were warmly welcomed at a party event, where we met some of the people.  I remember there were elections within the party for various positions[…]

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Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) and the Power of the US Dollar in the World Economy, P1

by Stansfield Smith, published on the Orinoco Tribune, September 14. 2020 A primer on US Hegemony and the global economy.  Part 2 is HERE Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) has become popularized by some of the liberal-left because it offers an explanation how to achieve full employment, national health insurance, free college education, and the Green New Deal without raising taxes. Political[…]

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