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Israel Storms Al-Aqsa, Beats Palestinian Worshipers to Make Way for Jewish Settlers

by Yumna Patel, published on Mondoweiss, April 17. 2022 Israeli forces stormed the Al-Aqsa mosque compound on Sunday and attacked Palestinian worshipers at the site in order to facilitate Jewish tours of the site for the Passover holiday. The raids on the compound on Sunday were the second in 48 hours, and featured heavily armed Israeli police officers beating Palestinians[…]

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Secular Democracy And The Future of Palestine

by Haidar Eid, published on Mondoweiss, January 28, 2022 The two-state solution continues to lose support in Palestine. More and more Palestinians are realizing that that the so-called peace process has only resulted in the the production of new Israeli facts on the ground, and new repressive practices that make a functioning Palestinian State impossible. No wonder then that a[…]

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How Syria Divided Palestine Solidarity

Nora Barrows-Friedman and Asa Winstanley interview Rania Khalek for Electronic Intifada Podcast, April 23,2021 This is a very important topic that people are more likely to argue about than discuss, although the hard line has somewhat softened recently.   It is especially important because the propaganda and lies are once again being ramped up in the press. Rania Khalek, an Arab[…]

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