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Humanity Subsidizing ‘Our Own Extinction,’ Warns Study

by Julia Conley, published on Common Dreams, February 17, 2022 Releasing a new study showing that world governments spend at least $1.8 trillion annually to subsidize activities which worsen the climate crisis, global subsidies experts on Thursday said leaders must eliminate or redirect the financial supports as part of an ambitious Global Biodiversity Framework at an upcoming summit in China.[…]

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UN Declared Humanitarian Crisis in the DRC, President Kabila Rejects Aid

President Joseph Kabila insists that there is no humanitarian crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo, even as millions of children starve. Kabila “doesn’t want anything to reinforce what is widely understood: that the instability in the country is caused in large part by his refusal to step down from power,” says Friends of the Congo’s Maurice Carney Interview with[…]

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