Stop the Wars at Home and Abroad!

Trump’s Great Barrington “Herd Immunity” Hoax

by Jeff Mackler, published on Socialist Action, November 3, 2020 The moron Trump, perhaps the crudest specimen of capitalist cruelty these days, takes the matter one insane step further with his ongoing public and personal opposition to mandated lockdowns, mask wearing and social distancing necessitated by the uncontrolled spread of COVID-19. Trump’s current pandemic science adviser, Stanford University’s Hoover Institute[…]

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Killer Capitalism Says “Back to Work!” in a Pandemic

by Jeff Mackler and James Fortin, published on Socialist Action, May 21, 2020 Over the past several weeks, daily new cases of COVID-19 in the U.S. have remained in the 22,000–25,000 range. By June 1, it is estimated that the number of deaths each day will rise to 3,000. Yet all 50 states now have begun lifting socially-protective measures aimed[…]

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Capitalism Is the Virus! Bail Out Working People, Not the Corporate Elite!

by Jeff Mackler, published on Socialist Action. The U.S. Senate’s March 25, $2 trillion 97-0, COVID-19 corporate bailout vote gifted the ruling rich an amount never exceeded in world history. The overwhelming portion went directly to the coffers of the billionaire elite for whom the lives of literally millions of Americans are subordinate to their horror at seeing their casino[…]

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