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Gun Debate, a Narrow Opportunity for the Democrats, a Wide One for The Left

March for Our Lives, Atlanta, GA Democrats want a gun debate on narrow and limited ground avoiding the settler-slavemaster-colonial origin of the 2nd Amendment, and the ubiquity of armed white patriarchal US violence across the planet. Will we let them have it? by Bruce Dixon, originally published on Black Agenda Report Last weekend the March For Our Lives mobilized half[…]

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The Smoking Gun Behind Gun Violence in the U.S.

By Anakbayan-US, originally posted as an Editorial on the Anakbayan-US Blog on March 24, 2018 Anakbayan mourns the most recent deaths brought about by gun violence in the country. Widespread gun violence is something deeply known to the Filipino community. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s so-called “drug war”–officially known as “Operation Double Barrel”–has already claimed the lives of an estimated 20,000 people,[…]

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