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New trend/ U.S. workers strike and organize at a new pace

by Martha Grevatt, published on Workers World, February 5, 2022 This lightly edited article, based on an interview with Workers World Managing Editor Martha Grevatt, was published Feb. 2 in the Danish Communist Party’s newspaper, “Worker.” With renewed determination, workers in the U.S. are staging strikes, forming unions or quitting their jobs in protest of underpayment and poor working conditions[…]

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The Great American Firewall

by Danny Haiphong, published on Black Agenda Report, July15, 2020 It should not surprise anyone that China would take protective measures against the threat of U.S. imperialism in the realm of cyber technology. “Censorship in the United States is rampant but the Great American Firewall is rarely discussed.” The Great Firewall in China is a hot button subject that unites[…]

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