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Working Class Unites Across India for 250 Million Strong Strike

by Martha Grevatt, published on Workers World, December 1, 2020 For the second time this year, a class-wide mobilization in an “All-India strike” brought out 250 million workers. With one in four working-age people in India participating, this 24-hour work stoppage can again claim the status of “world’s biggest strike.” The first record-breaking general strike had taken place on Jan.[…]

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India’s Nov 26 General Strike: We Are the Grass Roots

by Vijay Prashad, from Tricontinental Institute for Social Research, December 3, 2020 Farmers and agricultural workers from northern India marched along various national highways toward India’s capital of New Delhi as part of the general strike on 26 November. They carried placards with slogans against the anti-farmer, pro-corporate laws that were passed by India’s Lok Sabha (lower house of parliament)[…]

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