Stop the Wars at Home and Abroad!

Eritrea vs. AFRICOM: Defending Sovereignty in the Face of Imperialist Aggression

by Dina Asfaha and Tunde Osazua, published on Black Agenda Report, December 1, 2021 The rapid expansion of AFRICOM on the African continent should be a cause for concern as African nations are quickly surrendering their sovereignty to the US. As the only country without a relationship to AFRICOM, Eritrea bears the brunt of US vilification. We must salute Eritrea’s[…]

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US Moves Against Ethiopia and Eritrea; Atrocities Alleged, Sanctions Imposed

by Ann Garrison, published on Black Agenda Report, May 27, 2021 Historian Jeff Pearce, @jeffpropulsion, responding to the atrocity reports of Alula Solomon, @Alula_Solomon, CEO, Tigrai Media House US hostilities towards Ethiopia and Eritrea look more and more like those preceding US wars in Yugoslavia, Libya, and Syria, writes Ann Garrison. On May 20, the US Senate passed Senate Resolution 97[…]

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