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The Long Hand of Slave Breeding, Redux

by JoAnn Wypijewski, published on Counterpunch, June 6, 2022 A stunning discussion of women’s rights and the freeing of slaves as these topics relate to today’s anti-abortion campaign.   #MeToo is a disturbing phenomenon which at times frees women to speak the unspeakable openly, but leaves the power of whose voice is heard and what will be done about it, who[…]

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Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger problem

By Sue Davis, published on Workers World, August 19, 2020 Planned Parenthood of Greater New York issued a strong statement July 21 that condemned Margaret Sanger’s relationship with eugenics theory and practice. “By saying this, we disarm a tool anti-abortion opponents use to shame women of color, especially Black women, from seeking the full spectrum of sexual and reproductive health[…]

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