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UNAC Statement on Palestine

UNAC statement on Palestine, January 20, 2023 The United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) stands in unconditional solidarity with the heroic resistance of the Palestinian people against the ongoing Nakba: the occupation and ethnic cleansing of historic Palestine by the Israeli regime. We firmly uphold Palestinians’ Right of Return to their national homeland – from the river to the sea –[…]

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Israel Storms Al-Aqsa, Beats Palestinian Worshipers to Make Way for Jewish Settlers

by Yumna Patel, published on Mondoweiss, April 17. 2022 Israeli forces stormed the Al-Aqsa mosque compound on Sunday and attacked Palestinian worshipers at the site in order to facilitate Jewish tours of the site for the Passover holiday. The raids on the compound on Sunday were the second in 48 hours, and featured heavily armed Israeli police officers beating Palestinians[…]

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Free Palestine; End the Israeli Zionist Occupation

United National Antiwar Coalition Statement Update: The latest casualty figures I could find were 181 dead in Gaza, including 41 children and hundreds injured.   15 protesters murdered in the West Bank with more than 100 injured.  8 Israelis have been killed by Hamas rocket fire in retaliation, initially for Israeli attacks on Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah and Al-Aksa, and now[…]

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