Stop the Wars at Home and Abroad!

Annals of the Ukraine War: Year Two

by Eve Ottenberg, published on Counterpunch, June 9, 2023 From the human-caused climate catastrophe to a nuclear showdown between Washington and Moscow or Beijing, to fascism ascendant, three terrifying disasters loom over humanity like the shadow of death. These threats have lurked for some years, but the Ukraine war, facilitated by Joe Biden’s arrival in the white house in 2021[…]

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Syria Suffered An Earthquake But Israel Is Still Bombing

by People’s Dispatch, published on Popular Resistance, February 20, 2023 Israeli attacks on Syria continue even as Syria struggles with the aftermath of the February 6 earthquake, in which over 5,800 were killed. Thousands of Syrians took to the streets on Monday, February 20, to protest against repeated Israeli aggression directed at the country. Protesters also chanted slogans against the[…]

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In 2022 the U.S. Led Unipolar Order is More Unstable Than Ever

by Danny Haiphong, published on Black Agenda Report, January 4, 2023 This article was originally published in CGTN . Chinese President Xi Jinping meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin via video link on December 30, which drew alarm from certain Western media outlets. The New York Times, for example, concluded that the call came amid a “weak moment” for both leaders.[…]

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