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The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 70: Time to De-Colonize Human Rights!

by Ajamu Barka, published on Black Agenda Report, December 5, 2018 The post-WW II promise of human rights was a compact meant for white people only, but a People-Centered Human Rights framework seeks global liberation and transformation. “If human rights are to have any incredibility, any “universal” applicability, any value, they must be seized from the barbaric grip of European and[…]

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UNAC Statement on the CNN Firing of Marc Lamont Hill

Temple University professor and CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill was fired from CNN after giving a powerful speech at the United Nations in support of Palestinian rights. The Nov. 29, 2018, U.N. meeting was to commemorate the 70th year of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  The meeting also fell on the 70th anniversary of the Nakba, when 700,000 Palestinians[…]

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