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100 Days of Portland Protests

Anti-Racists Defy Police, Fascist Terror by  Joshua Hanks posted on Workers World, September 8, 2020 This city marked 100 consecutive days of anti-racist, anti-police protests on Sept. 5. The protests have shifted away from downtown and into North Portland – home to police “union” headquarters – and to the Portland Police Bureau’s East Precinct. Police continue to deploy large quantities[…]

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Let the Movement Be Radical

by Margaret Kimberley, published on Black Agenda Report, July 29, 2020 Craven black misleaders jumped at the chance to side with white corporate power against radical white allies. “Decades of movement stagnation and lack of political education has made black people less likely to push the envelope.” The unprecedented size and diversity of the new protest movement is something that[…]

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Who is the Most Dangerous Fascist

by Glen Ford, published on Black Agenda Report, July 23, 2020 Most American leftists are incoherent on the term fascism, and Democrats have utterly destroyed the word’s meaning. “In their cartoon politics, fascist simply means “Trump.” After seizing an initial beachhead around federal buildings in Portland, Oregon, Donald Trump is threatening to send his Homeland Security über alles storm troopers into[…]

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