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Secret Document Reveals US Plans for Civil War in Lebanon, False Flags and Israeli Intervention

Yes, this article was published in April.   However, the plan in question is flowering now.  Though the extreme US and Israeli goals of this plan are unlikely to result, the protests like so many around the world, are being hijacked.  They are mutating, becoming violent, rejecting the resolution of their original demands, and calling for the destruction of popular leadership[…]

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The West & Gulf Couldn’t Sway These Lebanese Elections

by As’ad AbuKhalil, written for Consortium News, May 31, 2018 The recent Lebanese parliamentary election generated a lot of publicity in Western media. To be sure, free elections are rare in the Middle East, and Western media get excited over the prospects of success for what they dub as “pro-Western” candidates or coalitions anywhere. Also because foes of Israel and[…]

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